Government to Suspend Collection of Premiums until Legal Issues are Addressed

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo once again voices its concern over the disregarding of its calls for suspension of implementation of the Law on Health Insurance, the initiation of collection of premiums, set to begin on January 1, 2017, respectively, from the Government of Kosovo, regardless of concerns voiced over several issues the implementation of this law continues to be characterized.

Above all, AmCham Kosovo emphasizes once again, the aspect of violation of the Law on Health Insurance, before all stipulated preconditions are met, before the collection of premiums, but also the violation of fair competition, through favoring the public sector and openly discriminating the private sector.

As an organization that continuously contributes towards improvement of doing business environment and improvement of legislation of host country, Republic of Kosovo, based on the previous dynamics of institutions, AmCham Kosovo believes that numerous issues that characterize the law, will not be resolved in the short term.

Therefore, AmCham Kosovo, calls on suspension of initiation of collection of premiums, and calls on initiation of a comprehensive consultative process, which would enable all concerns expressed by employers and professional healthcare community to be addressed.