Greater awareness is required from the private sector and society regarding Cybersecurity

Prishtina, November 29, 2021- The upcoming forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo had in focus Cybersecurity and its practice on protecting critical systems.

Astrit Leti from Tive Inc. stated that Cybersecurity is about security and correctness and in the business world it is important that the transport is fast and accurate, having in mind the consequences of the pandemic nowadays.

According to him, in recent years, the awareness has been raised; meanwhile, he suggested for more investment in data security and information technology infrastructure in general.

Moreover, he claimed that the world of Cybersecurity and more specifically data protection is divided into two parts; in the rapidly evolving part of private development, and in the public sector as well. The law must be enforced by the state, but the companies must provide basic staff training, added Leti.

“For cyber security, basic support and protection should be provided to the staff of any company,” he added.

Robert Shala (Sentry) emphasized that there is a future for the market in Kosovo both in terms of business and information security, and that cybersecurity education in the early stages is essential.

A long-term plan should be considered in the upcoming years and this can be achieved through education in schools, and the development of both private and public sector, he added.

Xhavit Gashi from Cacttus noted that cybersecurity is about data storage, security information and that these need to be confidential data.

According to him, private sector is much more aware for cybersecurity as more trainings and programs are being developed. He mentioned the public-private partnership and education in the field of cyber security, as very significant aspects.

Ermal Sadiku (LinkPlus) and also moderator of the forum said that cybersecurity has not to do solely with digital world, but also with the behaviors of individuals and their access to technology.

Cyber ​​security has to do with everything we do as individuals. He suggested the inclusion of a topic or subject in high schools, but also the education of society in general in regards to cybersecurity awareness.