Green Committee

Green Committee is a multi-sectoral group of American Chamber of Commerce members gathered around the necessity to advance environmental protection and green agenda in Kosovo.
The Committee is formed to give the industry a fair share of voice and a seat at the table throughout this process and the objective of strongly supporting the process that will be beneficial for the whole society.
Chairperson Company
Nina Elezovic Coca-Cola HBC
Vicechair person
Guri Shkodra SOWI Kosovo
Arijan Haxhibeqiri Banka Ekonomike
Agon Skeja BKT
Valon Gashi Elkos Group
Auberon Kelmendi FINCA
Visar Bytyqi HIB Petrol
Albiona Lalinovci KEDS
Shpend Nura KEP trust
Festina Breznica Limak Kosovo
Fatmir Aliu Meridian Corporation
Mirsad Haskaj NLB
Fatos Hasani ProCredit Bank
Antigona Limani Raiffeisen Bank
Orcun Ozdemir TEB
Driton Latifi TEB