KEDS supports the functionalization of the center where the infected with COVID-19 in Ferizaj will be treated

During these times of pandemics, KEDS has not only taken care to regularly supply the citizens with electricity, but has also provided support in other forms as well. This time KEDS has supported the functioning of the new facility of the Regional Center of Public Health in Ferizaj, in which patients infected with Coronavirus will be treated.

The company has provided free connection of the electricity network to this facility and in addition to the connection the investment included also the extension of the new network and the placement of poles.

The governing authorities of the municipality of Ferizaj and those of KEDS said that the functioning of the RCPH in Ferizaj will serve not only Ferizaj but the entire region and that the support of such projects in pandemic times is of particular importance for the inhabitants of this city and beyond.