Incorporating SDG principles for a better environment

Prishtina, November 11, 2021- Incorporating SDG principles has been the topic tackled during the forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Maria Suokko from UNDP affirmed that the goal of sustainable development is the foundation of everything they do. In addition, she said that these principles reflect the well-being of people and the planet in general. Suokko said green communities should work together to incorporate these principles in Kosovo, arguing that many countries are moving back towards the green agenda because of the pandemic. According to her, there has been progress in Kosovo, and that through the private sector, innovations, and the involvement of partnerships, sustainable development can be ensured as these principles have an ambitious agenda.

The founder of Fight or Flight Hana Zeqa affirmed that as young entrepreneurs, their focus is sustainable development in the field of fashion. Moreover, she asserted that the initial idea was not to create another brand, but always keep in mind the production and promotion of awareness about the inclusion of these principles. Regarding ‘Slow fashion,’ she mentioned the difficulty of finding durable materials, as in Kosovo there are not many resources and they have to get them from other countries.

Niki Murseli, co-founder of DyVo said that they are working with plastic waste by educating the younger generations to work with sustainable materials and helping them with professional knowledge, as they are the leaders of the future, therefore they are working to raise awareness in relation to this topic.

Frosina Islami from Coca-Cola HBC Kosovo, and at the same time moderator of this forum, stressed the importance of ways that the new generations can incorporate the principles of the goal of sustainable development in Kosovo.