Increasing capacities and business development, key point for funding from IFIs

Prishtina, January 17, 2023 – International Financial Institutions are one of the key operators that contribute to the development of businesses by offering, in addition to financing through financial instruments, business consulting and support. The various ways in which businesses can benefit from these institutions were the main topics of discussion during the forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Financial expert Ramis Ahmetaj, also the moderator of the forum, said that in addition to the role of financing, these institutions also have a developmental role in helping businesses develop properly in addition to supplying funds. He emphasized that although a development trend has been noticed in Kosovar businesses, there are also shortcomings in the analytical aspect, economic forecasts, and risk analyses. Ahmetaj also emphasized the need to increase business capacities and the level of development within said businesses as well as in cooperation with financial institutions.

Leonora Kusari from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said that this bank, in addition to financing subsidies, also offers consulting programs for businesses, and mentioned the EBRD programs that operate in the private sector, namely in the technology, and energy industries. Further, she shared that since December, this bank has launched the “Expansion Fund” to support the expansion of businesses in other regions, as well as the Continuity Plan. Kusari also said that during the past year, 70% of financing from this bank was done in the private sector, while the same trend is expected to continue within their strategy for the next five years.

Visar Perani from the International Financial Corporation (IFC) said that the institution he represents has fairly simple procedures for business applications, while in addition to financing, it also plays a major role in improving businesses through the benefits it offers, such as financial advice. Perani added that for cooperation with financial institutions, it is important that businesses have a good management and business structure, adequate employees, and good management of funds.