Interpersonal communication one of the main challenges in the development of IT companies

Prishtina, April 20, 2021 – The development of technology has exponentially changed the way people are managed in recent years. This change, positive or negative, has pushed many companies to adapt to new approaches to technology in the field of management. With this in mind, and in order to discuss the competencies and resources needed to achieve harmony and balance between people and technology, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has organized a virtual forum on managing people in a technology-driven environment.

Astrit Leti, Chief Executive Officer at Cacttus, placed particular emphasis on having genuine managers who possess the knowledge and skills needed to interact with employees. According to him, it is this genuine interaction – which is also a challenge – between skilled managers and employees that paves the way for the company’s success in providing quality products. Also, since employees are valuable assets, he stressed that in order for employees to be as productive as possible, they should be provided with trainings, as well as to have the mentality that the work environment, physical or remote, is not important as long as the required service is provided.

In addition, Leti was very optimistic about people thinking of switching from their current field to ICT, stressing that this is possible thanks to the ample literature that is available online. Also, given that there are 400 IT companies in Kosovo, there is an extraordinary perspective in the digitalization of local companies and in training their employees to use technology.

Furthermore, Fatos Ameti, Chief Executive Officer at Sonnecto, stressed that local ICT companies should be supported because these companies can create different platforms for the benefit of the country. Ameti also mentioned that in order to have satisfied customers, a company must invest in its workforce and its technology. He further stressed the need to be constantly in consultation with the employee where influences the employee to express new ideas that affect the advancement of technology. This should also be accompanied by employee motivation, evaluation of their success and with trainings. As Ameti states “when the employee is satisfied, the product will be as good as possible”. Also, for anyone who wants to get involved in the field of technology, Ameti recommends firstly defining the field that a person wants to pursue, to learn and gain various national or international certifications.

Further, the Director of Business Operations at UCX, at the same time moderator of this event, Jeta Zagragja, stressed the fact that many young people in Kosovo want to get involved in the field of technology and thus have a continuous growth in their career. Zagragja also mentioned the need to keep ICT employees in the Kosovo market and the opportunity for these employees to access the foreign market.