Kosovar entrepreneurs use innovation to fight the pandemic

Prishtina, May 27, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged the country’s entrepreneurs to approach the challenges it has created as innovatively as possible, thus highlighting the key role of innovation in this fight. Creative reforms in the development of Kosovar enterprises during this challenging period, and entrepreneurs’ reaction to the pandemic were discussed at the virtual forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the European Union’s Enterprise Development Investment Facility (WB EDIF).

Entrepreneur Ardian Hoxha stressed that the measures imposed to prevent the pandemic have created opportunities for development and innovation within enterprises in all affected sectors, adding that a temporary reform has been created in doing business, focused on remote-working strategy.

Hoxha stated that now is the time to seize the moment, and think of a new economic model for the country, with a focus on creating a competitive economy where Kosovo will have something to offer in the global market in the post-pandemic period. Hoxha appealed to all parties, whether in government or opposition, to put aside their anger and focus on economic recovery before it is too late, as any delay could have multiplicative side effects.

Visar Idrizi, Chief Executive and Founder of Vi-Print, said that his company has tried to consider every opportunity of minimizing the damage from the pandemic, by reviewing the situation and developing innovative ideas to adapt to it. He stated that ViPrint’s work is directly linked to various sectors which have been hit hard or even completely shut down during this time, and yet the company has continued operations with essential sectors, working with increased caution. Idrizi added that this crisis has imposed a new culture of creativity and has highlighted the need for availability of local products and services. Furthermore, he stated that now is the time to be as close as possible to each-other, and to be open to cooperation towards new innovations, helping revive the country’s businesses and economy in general.

Petrit Bejdoni, PR Manager at ASHA, stated that while trying to adapt to the new reality, ASHA in cooperation with the hygienic company Zog & Zog, has developed some innovative ideas for necessary products during the pandemic. According to Bejdoni, ASHA’s creativity stems from the need to keep the business alive, and to adapt to the challenging circumstances that have been approached by creating the D-Box disinfection cabin. He added that this product, in addition to the primary health care service, can also affect the perception of the company by creating a better image for customers and users of this product, while contributing to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. Bejdoni also stated that this time has changed customer behavior, emphasizing the need for greater closeness and cooperation between the company and the customer.