Kosovo Customs: US to become Kosovo’s main export market

Prishtina, January 28, 2022 – In the meeting held with the members of the committees of the American Chamber of Commerce, the General Director of Kosovo Customs Agron Llugaliu said that the communication between the institution he leads and businesses is always welcome, adding that suggestions and recommendations from businesses are important for this institution.

Director Llugaliu stressed that in 2021, the United States of America has already become the main export market of Kosovo.

“One of the main strategic objectives of customs is the facilitation of trade in which there has been significant progress last year, however, there are always issues that need more focus,” said the director of customs, Agron Llugaliu, adding that Customs aims to set new standards in relation to manufacturers’ requests, which will receive a response within two weeks regarding authorizations.

Regarding foreign investments, Director Llugaliu said that recently there is great interest from foreign investors for cooperation with Kosovo manufacturers. He added that customs are available and open to all requests, so investors do not encounter obstacles or barriers in Kosovo.

Throughout the meeting, there were also discussions of many important aspects related to those which are considered essential for the operation of businesses, including increasing cooperation to combat the informal economy.