Kosovo must invest in youth education for the development of the BPO sector

Prishtina, May 2, 2023 – The business process outsourcing industry is evolving each day to meet the needs of the market and businesses. Among the assets that Kosovo offers in this industry are the cost-effective services, a workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge as well as an excellent work environment. This, among other things, was said during a forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Fatos Ameti, CEO of the Sonnecto and at the same time moderator of the forum, said that Kosovo has great potential to be a leading competitor in relation to the most developed countries in the business process contracting industry. According to him, this can be achieved through the creation of state funds, automation of processes and investments and networking between local companies of this sector. He further added that proper taxation of individuals who deal with BPO activities will further improve this sector as well as the country’s economy.

Arianit Fazliu, chief executive officer of Kutia, emphasized that with the advancement of this sector, there is also a need for investments and support from the Government. Fazliu underlined that a greater demand for a role that covers protection against cybercrimes within companies is also expected. He added that in order to increase the competences of the workforce, education and training in professions such as cloud architects, DevOps and other roles in the ICT sector should be included in educational institutions. Fazliu said that income tax should be tightened from outsourcing of business processes for “freelancers”. In conclusion, he said that Kosovo as a country should focus on a leading industry based on the identification of future trends for which the future labor market can be properly equipped and advanced.

The Executive Director of StarLabs Hana Qerimi said that with the development of artificial intelligence, the need for automation of work processes such as customer care, graphic design and many other activities are influencing many companies and corporations to change their bureaucratic processes. Qerimi also added that in order to keep pace with global trends, companies must deepen cooperation between them. She further added that in addition to the request for foreign investments, it should also be lobbied for the development of education in accordance with the requirements of the market and this industry. Qerimi also pointed out that the gender gap in the technology industry is significantly smaller.