Kosovo to invest in the professional advancement of teachers

Prishtina, November 19 2020 – The education system is one of the main pillars which the development of a nation relies upon, therefore, special focus should be paid to the step-by-step updating of education systems, vocational training and teaching methodology. This was said in a virtual forum regarding innovation in teaching processes, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is organized under the patronage of the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK).

Brian Kissman, Head of the American School of Kosovo stated that one of the main contributing factors for the success of students in an economic, social, and emotional aspect comes from the abilities and quality of teaching. According to him, in order to make a real difference, we must support teachers in their professional advancement. Referring to the school he runs, Kissman mentioned that some of the methods they use for effective teaching are the encouragment of reading as well as the interpretation of the lessons they learned. He further stressed that a priority of the education system in the country is the readiness to accept and implement the necessary changes to make the education sector in Kosovo as modern as possible.

Venera Llunji, Vice Rector of AAB College, stated that education faces challenges at all times and in every country of the world, where she also mentioned the transfer of processes of distance learning processes, and digital transformation. Llunji added that aspects that need to be strengthened further must be identified and worked harder on, in which case she mentioned training in the use of technology and the changes to the curricula in order to adapt to the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to her, another issue that needs to be taken more seriously by the state and relevant stakeholders is the investment in teachers as well as the promotion and implementation of innovation in teaching processes.