Kosovo will soon have a new legislation for the facilitation and promotion of investments

Prishtina, February 22, 2023 – In order to discuss the Draft Law on Sustainable Investments as well as other legal and strategic initiatives of the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade (MINT) and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, AmCham Kosovo organized a dialogue table with Minister Rozeta Hajdari.

The Minister said that in addition to the development of new legal acts that would regulate the issue of internal and external investments, the Ministry is also engaged in the development of the industrial strategy, seeing this as very important for the orientation of the development of various industries, as this has been lacking in the country so far.

She informed the businesses present about the innovations of the legislation aimed at promoting investments with an emphasis on facilitating the promotion of investments and creating an equal environment for foreign and domestic investors.

Minister Hajdari said that it is intended to divide the current agency into an agency that will continue to support enterprises, as well as into the new agency for the facilitation and promotion of investments which will be established within the office of the Prime Minister.

The businesses present congratulated the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Trade for the proactive approach, but also offered the main comments in order to create a law that addresses the shortcomings of the preliminary legal acts and recommendations of investors, at this stage when the draft law will be discussed further. to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo.