Kosovo’s financial system continues to remain stable despite the effects of COVID19

Leaders of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and Kosovo Chamber of Commerce met with the Governor of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo to discuss economic parameters following the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic.

CBK’s Governor Fehmi Mehmeti informed the President of KCC Berat Rukiqi and AmCham’s Executive Director Arian Zeka that the situation regarding the liquidity of the financial sector continues to remain positive despite the impact that the pandemic has had on the private sector.

He stated that commercial banks remain committed in helping the private sector overcome the difficulties associated with limiting economic activity in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, including the reprogramming of credit liabilities for enterprises affected by the current crisis.

He further added that there will be no financial penalties from financial institutions or disruption of credit categorization for enterprises, the solvency of which has been hampered as a result of the current situation.

The leaders of the two chambers of commerce offered their full cooperation in order to minimize the impact of pandemics on the economy of Kosovo, but also the exchange of ideas and recommendations that would help in the rapid economic recovery after the pandemics.