Launching of Alternative Dispute Resolution Journal Vol. 1

Prishtine, August 31, 2015 – The first volume of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Journal was published in August and it includes articles from both national and foreign arbitrators, with the following topics:

  • Interim measures under Kosovo Arbitration Law and UNCITRAL Model Law, by Anjezë Gojani
  • The notion of ‘ordre public’: arbitrability of patent law disputes, by Luljeta Plakolli – Kasumi
  • The relationship between regular courts and arbitration: legal standards and best practices, by Visar Ramaj
  • The importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution through arbitration in Kosovo, by Valbon Mulaj
  • Redefining Investment Arbitration Law: the case of Kosovo, by Ardeshir Atai
  • Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Kosovo, by Mahir Tutuli
  • A United Nations’ Liaison Hub and Ombudsoffice for international economic relations: a proposal, by Chitra Barth Radhakishun