Law enforcers to use non-lethal weapons to diffuse criminal activity

Prishtina, January 21, 2020 – Ensuring proper rule of law and the effectiveness of tools used by law enforcers are necessary in order to facilitate the diffusion of difficult situations without resorting to violence in cases of crime. This was one of the subjects addressed during a webinar organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, our patron member Katana and the Axon Enterprise.

Nick Davies, International Training Manager at Axon, presented the main mission of this company, which is to protect life and according to him, they are doing so by functionalizing, amongst other things, unlethal yet effective Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW). As stated by Davies, this mission is being fulfilled by the advancement of these weapons and their globalization in order to render the use of firearms by police officers unnecessary. He provided the participants with a presentation of their latest products, which include a range of tasers and body-cameras used by police officers during patrols.

While referring to statistics taken by law-enforcement institutions, the Taser Master Instructor at Axon, Alexander Milyukov, stated that tasers are the safest choice of weapon for police officers as well as civilians as they are incapacitating, however, the death rate is minimal. Throughout the presentation, in addition to CEWs, Axon representatives also introduced the Digitalized Management Evidence System (DMES), which can be utilized as a server system for law-enforcement institutions to store and review video-recordings taken by police officers during conflicts, as well as signalers for additional back-up.

Members of AmCham and participants of the webinar had the opportunity to inquire regarding these products, which will soon be available for Kosovo.