Legal Affairs

The scope of work of the Legsl Affairs Committee includes the review and discussion of legislation which is relevant for businesses as well as offering of legal opinions with regards to the applicable legal provisions – in particular with regards to the outcomes and requests deriving from other committees meetings. The committee will also provide recommendations and suggestions for amendment of current laws or adoption of new laws.

Chairperson Company
Blerina Ramaj RPHS
Trim Gjota ADAS Counsel
Valon Basha Basha&Associates
Jakup Hoti BKT
Delvina Nallbani Boga&Associates
Taulant Hodaj Hodaj&Partners
Ahmet Hasolli Kalo&Associates
Vjosa Kika Kika&Associates
Besa Gashi Raiffeisen Bank
Fisnik Salihu RPHS Law
Fllanza Hakaj Selimaj Legal Consulting
Ardi Shita Shita&Ibrahimaga
Floran Pustina TashkoPustina