Love, Mercy, Facts: Managing People

Prishtina, 19 September 2022 – To discuss issues such as Engaging the Workforce, Attracting Talent, Managing Relationships, as well as useful Training and Development Strategies, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo is organizing the Human Capital Week. AmCham kickstarted the week with the workshop titled “Love, Mercy, Facts: Managing People”, where a discussion on how to reach a balanced approach of people management took place.

Arianit Fazliu, Co-Founder and CEO of Kutia, explained that his method of management is based on three core principles: 1. Love, 2. Mercy, and 3. Facts, emphasizing that a reversed order would not make his management method work.

Without disregarding the importance of facts and numbers, Mr. Fazliu revealed how crucial it is to show employees love and mercy, as a way of understanding them in times when they are not showing their best at work. One ought not to proceed with facts and directly look at quantitative results without first considering empathy. A lot of information asymmetry is created by not following those three steps in Human Capital Management, a field in which he has around 10 years of experience.

Executive Director of AmCham, Arian Zeka, stated that although the situation regarding human capital has significantly changed after the pandemic, the workforce concerns in Kosovo remain similar to the pre- pandemic times. Further, he emphasized the concerning number of people leaving Kosovo to seek better opportunities elsewhere signaling that something is wrong, and needs immediate attention.