Managing new risks and uncertainties in arbitration

Prishtinë, March 28th, 2023 – On the second day of the arbitration week organized by the American Chamber of Kosovo and the USAID Commercial Justice Activity, legal experts came together to discuss the new risks and uncertainties in arbitration and how to manage the change.
Behar Ejupi, President of the Kosovo BAR Association, highlighted the benefits of arbitration for citizens and businesses, stating, “the Chamber of Lawyers of Kosovo continuously supported arbitration because citizens and businesses can have great relief. It is the lawyers who have started to speed up the procedures and help the arbitration in the best possible way.”
Ilir Gaxha, Arbitrator at AmCham Arbitration Center, acknowledged the risks of arbitration, particularly the questioning of the arbitrator’s impartiality. However, he emphasized the importance of the community’s commitment to integrity, stating, “In this form, our community would not have put their careers at risk to be corrupted by a party”
Tea Blakaj, Legal Advisor to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo and the moderator of the event, emphasized the role of legal experts in providing guidance to businesses and individuals in navigating these changes.
Ardi Shita, Lawyer at Shita & Ibrahimaga, a legal expert in the business community, agreed that arbitration offers a more professional solution to civil-economic disputes. They noted the need for further community efforts to ensure that the local courts effectively enforce arbitration decisions.
At the end of the second day of the arbitration week, there was a renewed dedication to endorsing arbitration as a workable option for both individuals and businesses, even in the face of new risks and uncertainties that arise with this change.