Many recommendations and priorities were suggested today by members of Tax Committee for the upcoming year

Prishtina, December 22, 2021– Among many other topics that were discussed, Members of the Tax Committee discussed today about the barriers and the tax legislature in the country.

The members of the Tax Committee discussed the administrative instructions and the law on corporate income.

According to members, the tax legislation has undergone changes and even today there are requests for clarifications and additional information for incentives and administrative instructions, especially in their interpretation.

In terms of administrative instructions, it was said that many bureaucratic procedures should be eliminated and looked at them in detali, always by reasoning and lobbying to attract foreign investors who are hesitant due to security, political situation, and potential risk. Also, as a very important topic, members mentioned the guidelines for specific weight loss in the tax legislattion where there should be greater clarity and detail.

Finally, members discussed bureaucratic barriers and procedures and corporate income tax legislation which should be unified for taxpayers.