Many recommendations and priorities were suggested today by members of the of the Legal Affairs Committee for the upcoming year

Prishtina, December 23, 2021– Among other things, the members of the Committee on Legal Affairs discussed the priorities for the coming year.

It was discussed at the meeting that an agenda should be set to take concrete steps and that the consolidation of this committee is very important. It was said that goals should be set together and working towards achieving these goals, as well.

The opinion that they should be up to date with the draft laws, was also expressed.

Meanwhile, Fisnik Salihu said that it is good that when it comes to legal issues in other commissions, the legal commission helps in these matters.

At the suggestion of the members, there was a little discussion about encouraging businesses to train lawyers to deal with various contracts, to represent companies, so that not every person can represent those companies without a bar exam. , as no responsibility is taken. the opposite.