Mediation procedure the right choice to a right solution

Prishtina, May 19, 2021 – Mediation, a procedure that helps parties reach a compromise and deal with issues in cases or areas of weakness, and the benefits of settling. To discuss about the awareness of mediation, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, jointly with USAID Commercial Justice Activity, have organized the next virtual forum, with mediators.

Yll Zekaj, the mediator, stressed that there is a difference between mediation, arbitration and court proceedings, by noting that mediation is a procedure regulated by law, which is part of the resolution of contexts alternatively, doing so, outside the court process. By using mediation as an alternative, the parties have the opportunity to resolve their disputes by engaging an impartial person, that in this case is the mediator, to facilitate the process, as the mediator’s role is to create opportunities in favor of the parties to the dispute. Zekaj further stressed the need to create an online platform, through mediation sessions, due to the pandemic situation, which have been successful.

Furthermore, mediator Mentor Hajdaraj, stressed the reasons why businesses should be in favor of mediation, as an option in resolving their contexts. He said one of the main reasons is to clarify the difference between court proceedings (formal) and the mediation process (informal). Furthermore, Hajdaraj emphasized some of the main principles, which bring benefits, where among them he mentioned the equality of the parties in mediation procedures, the will of the parties and the possibility for the parties to have control over the whole process.