Members of the Tax and Legal Affairs Committee discussed today the TAK project for “Formalization of Employees”

Prishtina, December 8, 2021– In the meeting of the Tax and Legal Affairs Committee with the representatives of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Sami Salihu, director of the Department for Registration and Taxpayer Service, started the meeting by explaining the new project of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, a project which as aims to support workers in their rights to the work they do. Furthermore, the project aims to identify tax evaders, as well.

Mr. Salihu addressed some of the findings of TAK regarding the non-fulfillment of obligations and the reasons that lead to it, mentioning informal employment, low declaration of wages despite the number of employees, non-payment of pension contributions, inaccurate declaration of employees , payment of salaries in cash and non-declaration of withholding tax.

Mr. Salihu did not ignore the soft implementation of the law and the inadequate legal basis.

The meeting continued with talking about the project focusing on meetings with stakeholders, information about the benefits, awareness of the risks, changing the legal basis, changes in the information technology system, coordination of activities with relevant institutions and increasing the intensity of activities in the field.

TAK concludes the presentation by giving the message that as an institution they are ready to help at every step and calls on members not to hesitate to seek advice, assistance or guidance on how to declare payments.

Agron Hamiti, director of the Department for Risk Management and Planning, added that the interest is shared by both the private sector and the Tax Administration of Kosovo.

Additionally, the members of the Committees gave their comments on the project, as well as the work of TAK in general.