Members of the Tax and Legal Affairs Committees held a meeting with the General Director of TAK

Prishtina, 18 January 2022– Today, at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, the General Director of TAK, Ilir Murtezaj held a meeting with members of Tax and Legal Committees to discuss new reforms in TAK and the challenges for 2022.

The members of the committees presented many requests and recommendations addressed to Mr. Murtezaj, while Mr. Murtezaj said that he feels honored to participate in such conversations to discuss issues of TAK and the business community in general. Murtezaj said that TAK, as an institution, has evolved a lot by mentioning the work that has been done in creating real-time services for each taxpayer. Furthermore, he said that based on the new budget law, TAK has a duty to collect 680 million euros in revenues in 2022, which is, 22% more than last year.

Further on, he mentioned the reforms that TAK had taken during these years and the new fiscal cash register on transferring information through the online system. He also mentioned informal employment and the consequences for the employee and the employer, in case there is no employment contract. Members welcomed the news that the cost and maintenance of fiscal cash registers will be changed by TAK.

Members mentioned as well the administrative instructions that should be reviewed according to them, as well as the lack of technical aspects to further facilitate the processes in TAK, reporting of financial statements, cryptocurrencies, and their production, and many other aspects.