Minister Hajdari offers her cooperation with the private sector

Prishtina, February 12, 2022 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo held a roundtable discussion with stakeholders from state institutions and the private sector to discuss the strengthening of dialogue between the public-private sector and the 2022 priorities.

The Minister of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade Rozeta Hajdari said that the Government program includes objectives of the ministry she leads, such as increasing the competitiveness of local companies given that our country is an alternative supplier to foreign investors, increasing the infrastructure of quality, sustainable development through tourism, innovation and entrepreneurship as an inherited fragile system, and supporting and promoting investment-oriented businesses. Minister Hajdari further said that without the help of the private sector, these objectives will not be possible.

Minister Hajdari particularly emphasized the Law on Strategic and Foreign investments, saying that this law will provide a unified approach in doing business in Kosovo, but also to create equality for all local investors. “In particular, the strategic and foreign investments law should be emphasized, which will be included as a single law and will offer the possibility of direct negotiations with the Government,” said Hajdari.

Getoar Mjeku, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade, encouraged all participants to contribute with comments on the administrative instructions, saying that the contribution of the private sector helps many institutions in decision-making.

Participants from the private sector highlighted some of their concerns which are related to industrial zones, customs zones, and the facilitation of export financing.