Minister Maqedonci speaks at AmCham on strengthening partnerships for national security

Prishtina, May 30, 2024 – The development of the defense industry is one of the basic prerequisites for completing the defense infrastructure of a country, especially for Kosovo at a time when the country is facing regional and global security challenges. In this aspect, strengthening the partnership with the private sector is more than important for the advancement of national security. This was concluded in a fireside chat organized today by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo with the Minister of Defense, Ejup Maqedonci.

During this activity, it was discussed about the global security environment, security in the Western Balkan region, and the need for the development of the defense industry in the country in order to face future security challenges. Minister Maqedonci assessed the cooperation with the private sector as one of the important elements for the development of the defense capacities of the country and a potential partner for the development of the defense industry of our country.

The Minister of Defense said that the United States of America are the main ally and the main actor in Kosovo’s journey so far, especially in the development of defense and security capacities. Speaking about the potential investments in the development of the local defense industry, Minister Maqedonci emphasized the completion of the legislation that would remove some of the barriers in this aspect. He emphasized that the Ministry of Defense is in constant coordination with the Embassy of the United States of America, respectively with the Office of Cooperation in the Field of Defense, regarding the supplies of military equipment.