Minister Murati committed for coordination with the private sector on fiscal issues

Continues measures of support under the new economic recovery package for the companies impacted by the COVID19 pandemic, possible revision of the tax policies and fighting of the informal economy were the main issues discussed at an AmCham forum with the Minister of Finances, Labor, and Transfers Hekuran Murati.

Minister Hekuran Murati said that any revision of the tax policies will be done in close coordination with the private sector, whereas a possible decision will follow a detailed analysis of all the sectors of the economy.

In this regard, Minister Murati said that the Ministry if making efforts to have a clear picture of the economy in Kosovo, in order for them to launch a formalization campaign in all the sectors. This way, the Ministry will try to address the demands and needs of businesses and make long-term interventions where necessary. Minister emphasized that tax policies in Kosovo are well consolidated, however, there are certain gaps that require regulation, and which may help increase revenue collection.

The Ministry will provide a favorable doing-business and investment environment because as Minister Murati emphasized, the Government should be in the service of the private sector and the society in general. He emphasized the plans of the Ministry for implementation of the supportive measures under the new economic recovery package announced by the Government, and more particularly for the manufacturing sector.

The Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo recommended Minister Murati to avoid the possibility of introduction of new taxes or increase of existing tax rates, while there is a real possibility of collection of more budgetary revenues from the fighting of the informal economy.

Representatives of AmCham member companies voiced their concerns regarding the high presence of informal activities, as well as the need for higher integrity and accountability within revenue collection agencies.