Promoting entrepreneurship at an early age enhances the potential of young entrepreneurs

Prishtina, November 9, 2021– The next event in the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has discussed the inclusion of education and vocational schools, so that this translates into the preparation of new staff and serves as an aid for young entrepreneurs.

Andina Vllahiu Kelmendi, Policy and Communications Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo said that the Global Entrepreneurship Week is an extraordinary opportunity to discuss elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where education is an important element, therefore the American Chamber of Commerce believes that through education, young entrepreneurs are provided with knowledge for securing resources, but also increasing innovative and creative skills.

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Arbërie Nagavci said that this topic is very important given that the Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to inspire women and men in the field of entrepreneurship. Further, she stated that during this week the success stories and challenges of young entrepreneurs are exchanged, thus inviting all relevant actors to jointly support these entrepreneurs. Minister Nagavci emphasized that education in entrepreneurship brings many benefits, and therefore, the skills learned by students through the curriculum are important to bring benefits to their careers and to be encouraged to define their careers.

Diellza Gashi, Lecturer in Management Courses at the American University in Kosovo mentioned the revolution in education, in terms of the field of entrepreneurship, changing the mentality of traditional education in schools and that young people are seen as competent in problem solving. She stressed the importance of starting early in the field of entrepreneurship and encouraged young people to be as present as possible in various activities and trainings.

ASSET Program Manager, Kosovo Education Center, Luljeta Demjaha Belegu shared more information about the project funded by USAID, where she said that the focus of this project was to help education reform, where all teachers are trained. Moreover, the students have gained various knowledge about the business plan, how the market is analyzed, and in the end those students have come up with a virtual firm designed by themselves.

Alejtin Berisha from Universum College and at the same time moderator of this event mentioned an issue that is being faced by educational institutions, such as vocational schools, which does not generate revenue and that the focus of entrepreneurship lies in the field of technology and natural fields. Further, he added that schools should have greater independence.