Red Cross Kosovo is grateful for donor support during COVID-19

Since the very beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, Kosovo Red Cross has focused all its activities in helping communities in need throughout Kosovo. Given that the general well-being is the main priority of this institution, Kosovo Red Cross continues to work closely with stakeholders to provide their services safely and coordinate activities with partners so that assistance reaches all those in need.

“Each day, people rely on us to help prevent and alleviate their struggles. To help all those in need during this public health crisis, Red Cross of Kosovo, with the assistance of various partners has supported families in need with food and hygiene packages, and besides, we have supported  health institutions with tents, asylum seekers’ centers, improvised quarantines, communities and other groups in need. Red Cross of Kosovo is grateful to all the staff and over 300 volunteers who work tirelessly to help those we serve. We offer special gratitude to all our supporters, partners, and donors who with their contribution have facilitated the fulfillment of the mission of the Red Cross of Kosovo. One of these donors is Coca-Cola Foundation who with their financial contribution have made it possible to support 830 families with 4,150 members with food and hygiene packages” has stated Agron Humolli, Secretary General of Red Cross Kosova.

Coca-Cola System has been one of the key supporters and partners of Kosovo Red Cross during this crisis, and has offered major support with the donation of products to Red Cross volunteers, as well as financial contribution aimed at assisting the efforts of Kosovo Red Cross during COVID-19.

“Coca-Cola System is operating in 28 markets and wherever we are, we are trying to be a valuable partner for the community in which we live and work. Coca-Cola System is here to support Kosovo community, especially medical staff and volunteers, who are on the front lines of the war with the pandemic. By donating our products, we are trying to make their days a little easier; so far, we have donated 43,000l of our products to medical workers, volunteers, and citizens in need. Furthermore, we are assisting the efforts of the Kosovo Red Cross through a $ 50,000 financial donation, which will be used to help communities and families in need in towns and villages around Kosovo with food and hygiene packages, ” stated Ilir Cakolli, representative of Coca-Cola System.