Representatives of energy institutions discussed the security of the supply before the business community

Prishtina, December 14, 2023 – Representatives of private sector companies had the opportunity to learn more about the activities of the institutions responsible for ensuring the supply of electricity through the unification of electricity markets in South-Eastern Europe in a discussion forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo.

Arben Nagavci, Project Management Specialist in the USAID Activity for Energy Sustainability, offered a perspective on the development of the energy sector in Kosovo as well as the important role that USAID has played in advancing this sector.

Ymer Fejzullahu, Chairman of the Board of the Office of the Energy Regulator, focused on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the unification of the electricity markets of Southeast Europe. He emphasized the importance of this union for the integration of the pan-European electricity market and the overall security of energy supply in the region. Among other things, Fejzullahu spoke about the creation of the joint stock exchange and the unification of the market with Albania, as well as the functionalization of ALPEX, stressing that the energy exchange will be the key to increasing transparency in the energy sector. Among the topics discussed was the development of Renewable Energy Sources and the necessary preparations of Kosovo’s energy system and the relevant legal framework to support the production of electricity from these sources.

Evetar Zeqiri, Chief Executive Officer of the Transmission and Market System Operator (KOSTT), spoke about the importance of Kosovo’s energy independence three years ago, considering it a significant achievement for energy security. This not only offered more than two Albanian states but also further advanced our cooperation towards a model of the targeted common energy market. Zeqiri said that transmission networks should be enablers, not bottlenecks towards a clean energy transition, and to achieve this, investments are needed for the further expansion of networks. He also mentioned the ambitious plans that KOSTT has in this regard.

Meanwhile, Rudina Heroi Puka, Director of Consumer Care, Tariffs, and Regulatory Affairs at the Electricity Supply Company KESCO, as well as co-founder of the Women in Energy and Mining Committee, spoke about the vital role women play in ensuring energy supply electricity and market integration by bringing different skills, perspectives, and innovations to the energy sector. Puka said that the inclusion of women contributes to the development of sustainable, inclusive, and resilient energy systems, adding that encouraging diversity and gender inclusion is not only a matter of social justice but also a strategic approach to addressing the complex challenges faced by the energy sector.

In the end, Shkumbin Hysa, head of the ALPEX Branch in Kosovo, clarified the role of ALPEX and the benefits for the private sector and potential investors, especially those interested in renewable energy sources. Hysa described the process for businesses interested in trading electricity on ALPEX and highlighted its role in facilitating access to the market.