Resolving disputes through arbitration: Process and implications

Prishtina, March 15, 2022 – Day two of the Arbitration Week featured the discussion on resolving disputes through arbitration, with focus on processes and implications with Njomëza Zejnullahu, arbitrator from USAID Commercial Justice Program together with Visar Ramaj, partner, RPHS law have discussed the advantages of arbitration for businesses in Kosovo.

Commercial Justice Arbitrator Njomëza Zejnullahu emphasized that Kosovo businesses need to choose a more professional way of resolving various issues around the law and the problems it faces. The most correct and professional way according to Njomëza Zejnullah is the choice of arbitration, because arbitration involves arbitrators with different experiences on different issues, different from the courts. According to Ms. Zenjullahu confidentiality is present in arbitration for various businesses in Kosovo, which is a great help for the businesses.

Ms. Zenjullahu stressed that the court and arbitration cooperate with each other and are by no means competing with each other, because they have the common goal of choosing a context as efficiently and effectively as possible.

RPHS Law Partner Visar Ramaj agreed with many points mentioned by Ms. Zenjullahu has also presented his points about arbitration. Mr. Ramaj emphasized that the main advantage of arbitration is its simplicity to businesses in terms of laws and in terms of time.

Mr. Ramaj added that arbitration is in cooperation with the court, at the same time the court with the arbitration, because they have the same goal together. Ramaj added that the American Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo is one of the most professional centers in the region around arbitration. The professionalism of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo is from the level of professionals that are part of the list, the integrity of the chamber itself and the opportunity for arbitrage education for businesses in Kosovo.

To conclude the discussion Ms. Zenjullahu and Mr. Ramaj added that businesses’ awareness of arbitration should start to happen, along with help from all of us about arbitrage education.