Roundtable Discussion: Understanding Market Demands for a Skilled Labor Force

Prishtina, May 16, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a roundtable discussion centered on the topic “Insights Exchange: Understanding Market Demands for a Skilled Labor Force,” led by Altin Xhafa, Chairperson of the Human Resources Committee, and Furtuna Mehmeti, Chairperson of the Education Committee. Members of both the Human Resources and Education Committees delved into the pivotal challenges confronting Kosovo’s skilled labor force.

During the comprehensive roundtable discussion, members of the HR and Education committees addressed the critical issues hindering the development of Kosovo’s skilled workforce. Among the concerns highlighted were the identified deficiencies in soft skills and practical skills among students. In addition, there was a concerted emphasis on the need to engage employers to refine curricula and the prevailing reluctance of companies to hire students as interns. Participants also emphasized the need to adapt to the unique characteristics of Generation Z, who exhibit a preference for greater autonomy in the workplace and a propensity for career mobility.

AmCham is committed to fostering strategic collaborations between academia and industry stakeholders to bridge the gap between educational offerings and market demands.