Security of energy supply as an important factor of public safety and economic development

Prishtina, June 8, 2022 – The next topic that was discussed in the series of events organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in order to address the challenges that await the economy of Kosovo, was the Security of Energy Supply. In this discussion, the challenges of energy supply in the coming months, as well as alternative ways how Kosovo can be supplied with energy were mentioned.

Learta Hollaj, Chief Advisor on Sustainable Development Partnerships to the President of the Republic of Kosovo, said that it is important to understand the connection between the energy sector and economic development and that discussions on this topic should be open and comprehensive. She further stressed that the main focus of government and any policy maker should be the diversification of the energy portfolio.

The Professor of the University of Prishtina, Arben Xhukaj said that energy security is the main factor in an energy system. He also said that the issue of supply in Kosovo is both a political and technical issue and that a sustainable energy supply is also important for public safety.

The Chairman of AmCham’s Manufacturers Committee, Gojart Kelmendi from Euro Kosova member firm, said that energy security is a great challenge for producers in Kosovo, therefore addressing these issues is extremely important for the private sector.