Self-confidence and perseverance, factors that help overcome any challenge

Prishtina, April 26, 2022 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo held its next activity within the Girls in ICT week organized under the patronage of the Municipality of Prishtina. The topic discussed in the presence of primary school students was amplifying the power of girls in technology.

Zana Curri, Software Development Team Leader at Radix said that with the increase in demand in the ICT sector in recent years, the participation of girls in this field has increased, as well. She stressed that women in the ICT sector face great prejudices, but these are challenges that can be overcome by working and believing in themselves.

Property and Facility Manager at Sutherland Shpresa Kika said that working in the ICT sector is a very attractive and interesting work. She said that to achieve success one must work hard to gain professional skills and that challenges are part of the process, which must be overcome with confidence and perseverance. Further, Kika stressed that the market in Kosovo is a market that offers many opportunities for the development of young people, especially in the technology industry.

Drenusha Ymeri, Human Resources Manager at Litera said that Kosovo is a country with a lot of talent and potential for the development of the technology sector. She added that there are many young people who want to study in the field of technology because this field, in addition to being interesting, also brings many benefits.

Chief Business Development Officer at LinkPlus Iliriana Ibraj said that it is important that girls in the ICT sector, although in small numbers, do not feel inferior and that they express their opinion in any environment. She went on to express the importance of continuing education and gaining knowledge that helps the profession.