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KEDS (Kosovo Energy Distribution Services) is a joint stock company that operates throughout Kosovo. It has the exclusivity of electricity distribution. KEDS was established in 2009, while its operational activities were initiated on May 08 2013, when it finally split from KEK J.S.C. and was owned by the prestigious Turkish companies Çalik Holding and Limak. Under the licenses from Energy Regulatory Office, KEDS has the duty to perform electricity distribution up to the end customer, manage and maintain KEDS assets in the field. To operate in the most efficient ways, KEDS is distributed in seven divisions located in seven major cities of Kosovo and 30 sub districts.

Address: Bill Clinton Boulevard, no. 3, Prishtina, 10000, Kosovo

Tel: 0800 791 00

E-mail: contactcenter@keds-energy.com

Website: www.keds-energy.com