For Policy Issues please contact: Albion Ujkashi @ albion.ujkashi@amchamksv.org
For Membership Services please contact: Shkëndije Loshaj-Krasniqi @ shkendije.krasniqi@amchamksv.org
For Communication and Information please contact: Edlira Dibrani @ edlira.dibrani@amchamksv.org


Arian ZEKA

Drejtor Ekzekutiv dhe Përfaqësues i Autorizuar


Sekretare Gjenerale, Qendra e Arbitrazhit


Zyrtare e Komunikimit, Departamenti i Komunikimit

Shkendije Loshaj - Krasniqi

Zyrtare e Anëtarësisë dhe Protokollit, Departamenti i Komunikimit


Administrator i TI, Departamenti i Administratës


Zyrtare Juniore e Politikave, Departamenti i Politikave


Mjeshtri i Shahut, Shkolla e Shahut Woodrow Wilson


Arian Zeka is the Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo. He was appointed in this position in June 2012, after previously serving as a Deputy Director and Head of Policy Department since November 2009.

Apart from leading implementation of an active program of services, activities, and events in support of the Chamber’s membership, he also promotes the public image of the Association by serving as the Chamber’s “ambassador-at-large,” and liaising on behalf of its Members with other leaders of Kosovo, international business communities, and with representatives of local and international government agencies.

His other duties and responsibilities include establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with organizations and individuals relevant to the Chamber. He represents AmCham Kosovo in most important state and inter-institutional economic mechanisms, such as National Council on Economic Development.

During 2015, he was the chairman of the Consultative Council comprising of Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, Customs, and two other business associations.

During his leadership, the Chamber has more than doubled its membership, while in 2013 AmCham Kosovo was the Chamber with the largest membership acquisition among the 43 AmChams in Europe. Also, during his service, AmCham Kosovo established in 2012 the Charity Foundation, and has further strengthened the capacities of the Arbitration Center for provision of professional arbitration and mediation services. He is also ex-officio member of the Steering Council of the Arbitration Center.


Visar Hapçiu is currently a Policy and Government Relations Manager at AmCham. Initially, he joined AmCham in May 2010 as an intern, and got promoted to the position of Policy and Administration Assistant in September. He started working as Policy and Project Officer in March 2012. Visar graduated from the American University in Kosovo, who majored in Economics & Statistics and Management and minor in Public Policy. Visar is a native Albanian speaker; he is also fluent in English and has basic knowledge of Turkish and Italian. Prior to working at AmCham, Visar finished an internship program with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network. He also worked as an assistent for accounting services. You can contact Visar at visar.hapciu@amchamksv.org.


Albion Ujkashi është duke menaxhuar Departamentin e Politikave në Odën Ekonomike Amerikane në Kosovë. Ai iu bashkua Odës Amerikane në janar 2018, ku fillimisht shërbeu si Zyrtar i Politikave. Ai është aktualisht përgjegjës për çështjet politike, përfshirë këtu hartimin e politikave dhe qëndrimeve, kryerjen e
funksioneve të ndërlidhjes në emër të anëtarëve me institucione, kryerjen e hulumtimeve dhe dhënien e informacioneve dhe udhëzimeve mbi kërkesat në lidhje me të bërit biznes, si dhe përfaqëson Odën Amerikane në grupe punuese të ndryshme dhe organe të tjera qeveritare. Albioni ka qenë gjithashtu përgjegjës për
organizimin e aktiviteteve biznes-me-biznes të Odës Amerikane.

Albioni ishte pjesë e një ekipi i cili fitoi vendin e parë në një konkurs të hapur gjatë Javës për Zhvillim të Qëndrueshëm në Kosovë, për qasjen inovative ndaj efiçiencës së energjisë. Si adoleshent, Albioni ishte pjesë e organizatave të shoqërisë civile në Ulqin, Mali i Zi, duke ndërtuar kështu njohuri mbi politika të ndryshme
socio-politike. Ai përfundoi programet e certifikimit mbi Analizën e Konflikteve dhe Zgjidhjen e Konflikteve Ndërfetare nga Instituti i Paqes i Shteteve të Bashkuara të Amerikës. Albion Ujkashi ka diplomuar nga Instituti
Rochester i Teknologjisë në Kosovë për Politika
Publike dhe Menaxhment.

Tea Blakaj joined AmCham in April 2017, to serve in a position of a Secretary General of the Arbitration Center.
Tea is a lawyer with a master's degree from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she specialized in commercial arbitration, specifically arbitrator's ethics, which was a core of her masters thesis. Tea worked as an assistant professor of the Faculty of Law in Sarajevo, in the courses of Private International Law and Commercial Arbitration. She appeared as a guest lecturer at the University of Prishtina, in the course of Private International Law for few times during  2016.
Additionally, Tea worked in the various fields of law. She started as a young professional under the program awarded by the European Commission, within the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia where she stayed for a year working in the prosecution teams. Furthermore, she worked for a while as an associate in a legal consultancy firm in Prishtina, continuing working for the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo. She continues providing professional support to the Kosovo Judicial Council under the UNDP "Strengthening Rule of Law in Kosovo" project, assisting in drafting secondary legislation and building capacities within the Legal Department of this Institution.
During the last six years of her professional legal career, Tea was engaged in the field of commercial arbitration through writing papers on various topics, mainly focused on the arbitrator's ethics. Her latest paper is titled "Exclusion of legal counsel in international commercial arbitration", where she referred to the issues involving conflict of interest cases between an arbitrator and the legal counsel of a party, based on the famous ICSID cases of Hrvatska and Rompetrol.

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Lorik Hoxha is AMCHAMS Finance Officer.

Fatos SYLAj is AmCham Chief Technology Officer.

Fjolla Metaj joint AmCham in November 2017 as Communication Officer. After graduating from RIT Kosovo in 2014 with majors in Public Policy and Management, she worked at R&M Communications as Account Manager for a year, continuing to expand her work experience as Contract Manager at Art House sh.p.k for another two years. During her studies, Fjolla worked at ADR Center at AmCham as Project Assistant (2013-2014).

Fjolla’s personal interests focus on entrepreneurship and Marketing. Due to her interests, she participated in Women in Business Program supported by EBRD (Prishtina, June-Dec 2016) and Preparing Global Leaders Forum (Split, March 2017)

You can contact Fjolla Metaj at fjolla.metaj@amchamksv.org

Vesa Osmani joined AmCham in April 2018 as a Research Assistant.
She is currently studying Economics and Statistics at RIT Kosovo (former AUK). After interning at the United Nations Development Coordinator's Office, Vesa expanded her experience on research, where she worked on Sustainable Development Goals Indicators and Millennium Challenge Corporation Indicators.

Vesa's interests focus mainly on development economics, qualitative research, and academia- which is why she participated in reports such as Kosovo CultureGrams report conducted by the academic platform ProQuest