Success and failure – two significant factors that impact the professional growth of any individual

Prishtina, November 10, 2021–  Failure and the road to success were discussed at the forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, with stakeholders from the private sector.

Jeta Zagragja, director of business operations at UCX, said that during her professional journey she has faced many problems and challenges, and that failure in entrepreneurship is inevitable, considering it as an integral part of success. Zagragja said that each experience helps in professional and personal life, but with maturity and experience, these are neutralized. “Taking risks in entrepreneurship often results in failures,” she said.

Gëzim Avdiu, co-founder and owner of Pixels, said that young people should follow the trends and combine them with enthusiasm and creativity to achieve success in the foreign market. He further stressed that training should be held so that in the future we do not face a shortage of professional staff.

Valon Canhasi, founder of Hallakate company and moderator of the forum stressed the importance of motivating individuals and encouraging them towards a path with a better future.