Talent in the company, important for raising the overall performance of the organization

Pristina, September 22, 2022 – Talent is without question an important component within a company. To further discuss how to identify talent and its development in the company, AmCham organized the discussion panel “Identifying and Developing Talent”, the fourth activity within the Human Capital Week.

Erald Pashaj, CEO of EPPC Albania & Kosovo, said that the importance of talents within an organization lies in the positive impact they have on the performance of other members of the organization. He added that since one of the characteristics of talents is their willingness and desire to learn, developing these talents is done by challenging them continuously.

Maleta Mjeku, Human Capital Specialist at PBC, said that it is important to create a testing program that identifies talents so that these talents can then be developed through training and finally employed in positions that ensure their continuous development.

Shkumbin Ibraimi, Managing Partner and CEO of Mercurius Consulting, said that in today’s time, what is most required by the labor market are skills and the potential to develop further. In addition, he emphasized that it is important for human resources officials to develop evaluation methods that highlight the skills of workers.

Dhurata Robaj, Manager of the Human Resources, Training and Development Sector at BPB, also the moderator of the panel, emphasized the importance of investing in academies within the company, which provide workers with those specific skills needed for the company.