Taxpayers of the Year Recognized

Prishtina, August 24, 2016- American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo in cooperation with Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) and Kosovo Customs as well as in the presence of Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo and Minister of Finance organized the taxpayer of the year ceremony or the biggest and most regular taxpayers. This activity aims to publicly recognize companies considered as the biggest contributors of state budget, as well as raise awareness of business community about their duties towards the state. Businesses have been selected based on annual turnover, 100.000-1 million Euro; 1 million-5 million Euro and more than 5 million euro, including start-up businesses, businesses which are not subject to customs or tax violation.

AmCham Executive Director Arian Zeka emphasized that this ceremony is a sign of gratitude not only for the biggest taxpayers, but also for taxpayers who perform their duties and contribute to state budget. Kosovo Chamber of Commerce representative Hivzi Dragidella said that fulfillment of obligations towards the state is a precondition for a strong economy.

Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo Mr. Isa Mustafa highlighted that fiscal reforms have been implemented to provide a better doing business environment, thus enabling businesses to be competitive in the EU market, which is also the a key objective. Minister of Finance, Avdullah Hoti said that some fiscal reforms are yet to be implemented, including AmCham Kosovo request on tax holidays.

TAK Director Sakip Imeri pointed out that the administration has foreseen new activities to facilitate law enforcement and fight informal economy, thus including also special service provision for the biggest taxpayers.

Director General of Kosovo Customs Lulzim Rafuna assessed businesses’ communication and transparency towards customs and vice versa, to have led to the reduction of complaints towards customs and customs revenue increase.

Taxpayers of 2015 under the category of businesses with turnover of more than 5 million Euros are: Cacttus J.S.C., Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company-Kosovo, Kid Zone Kosova L.L.C, Ndërmarrja Tregtare Fortesa, and Scan Color-Jysk L.L.C. Rewarded businesses based on 1-5 million Euros turnover are: Alma L.L.C, Deloitte Kosova, Laguna L.L.C., N.T.P Arena Engineering, Studio Moderna Kosovë Sh.P.K. Businesses in the category of 100,000-1 million Euros are: Fox Marble Kosova Sh.P.K., Grant Thornton L.L.C., Mirevski-Kosovo D.O.O., P.T.E. Tekno-Konstrukt, Tiki L.L.C, whereas in the category of start-ups are: Addo Group L.L.C., Defacto Retail KS L.L.C. dhe Drena L.L.C.