Technology helps businesses to cross borders

Prishtina, November 8, 2021– In the upcoming forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, technology has been the core topic of discussion with panelists from the private sector.

The moderator of this event and the Chief Commercial Officer at BP Home, Diedon Kica, said that since Kosovo is an isolated country, technology helps us to go beyond borders. Kica had a message for all companies to invest in their staff and orient their companies towards global exports and markets.

Leonida Ismaili, CAD Designer at Eneldat, said that technology is inevitable, especially for businesses, and that changes have come as a result of the development of technology. She said that we live in a world of globalization and that businesses cannot operate outside Kosovo without the use of technology. “The relationship between the founders and the employees makes the company important in the market,” she added.

The CEO of ArtHouse, Blin Zeqiri stressed that technology helps predict the marketing industry and audience demands. Further, he added that the focus should be on vocational schools and training in order to have abundant resources and to have a clear strategy of where we are and where we want to orient ourselves.

Rinor Ahmeti, the representative at VAIU Global said that entrepreneurship solves a problem faced by our society, and it is done only through information technology, for better customer service, so that the result is better. Ahmeti encouraged young people to research the labor market before deciding on their studies.

Agon Avdimetaj, the co-founder of Zombie Soup, added that technology is the reason for the current development where we are and that it is the easiest way to get information. Avdimetaj said the technology automates traditional processes with greater precision than humans and at a much lower cost. He concluded by mentioning creativity in sales and the use of marketing to achieve company objectives.