The American Chamber of Commerce welcomes the decision of the Government of Kosovo to remove trade barriers

Prishtina, June 8 2020 – Full economic integration of the Western Balkans region affects the increase of trade, the promotion of the potential for attracting direct foreign investment and consequently the creation of new jobs for each state of this region.

In this regard, the American Chamber of Commerce welcomes today’s decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to abolish barriers on free movement of goods, assessing this as an important step in regional economic integration, but also in improving neighborly relations between the states of the Balkans, as a precondition for the advancement of Euro-Atlantic path of the Balkan states.

Today’s decision by the Government of Kosovo is also a response to calls from President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo, other senior U.S. administration officials and the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo, as well as evidence of Kosovo’s commitment to strong strategic relations with the United States of America.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo reiterates that mutual recognition, trade without barriers and the establishment of economic ties would improve the perception of Kosovo and other Balkan countries in the eyes of American and other foreign investors.

Finally, the American Chamber of Commerce reiterates its position on the implementation of agreements on air, rail, and road traffic between Kosovo and Serbia, which would enable the strengthening of the private sector and unlock the potential of both countries for accelerated economic growth as well as rapid economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.