The American Chamber organizes a discussion table on fiscal policies and the fight against the informal economy

Pristina, July 6, 2023 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized a very detailed and productive discussion table, with the participation of the director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo. This activity offered an opportunity to discuss fiscal policies, including legal initiatives related to them as well as the fight against the informal economy.

Tax manager at Deloitte, also the chairperson of the Tax Committee of the American Chamber, Ruzhdi Zenelaj mentioned some points that he considered to be more problematic for fiscal policies. He discussed encouraging taxpayers. He emphasized the need for greater involvement of professionals in the drafting of legislation. There should be clarity in the legislation, not to be ambiguous, and among other things, he emphasized that a system should be made by the tax administration for online sales, electronic invoices should be issued, mentioning the countries in the region that successfully implement such practices.

The general director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Ilir Murtezaj, discussed the informal economy and the efforts being made to reduce it, stressing that the basis of informality is the non-issuance of the fiscal coupon. “We have taken new measures. Penalties will be applied in three warnings for not issuing the fiscal coupon. The first warning will be the closure of the business for three days, then for fifteen days, and in the third warning they will be punished by closing the business eternally,” he said.

Murtezaj also called for reporting to the revenue and hopes for self-reaction to this issue. He invited businesses to cooperate with the Tax Administration to combat the informal economy, knowing that they themselves are affected by this.

At the end, Qëndrim Uka, the tax consultant from Ernst & Young, also a member of the tax committee in the American Chamber, spoke about the importance of advancing tax legislation and that which regulates the work of the Tax Administration. He also spoke about the importance of proper compensation of TAK officials so that they do their work with integrity and dedication.