The Director for the Western Balkans at the US State Department met the American Chamber

Prishtina, December 14, 2023 — A delegation from the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo (AmCham) met with Colleen Hyland, Director of the Office of South and Central Europe at the U.S. Department of State, to discuss key aspects of the country’s economic landscape.
During the meeting, AmCham representatives expressed their concerns about engagement with the public sector concerning economic policies and investment attraction prospects. Notably, they reiterated the urgency of lifting the ban on the import of final goods from Serbia, citing its adverse impact on U.S. and other international brands operating in Kosovo. They also voiced concerns about the adverse effects that the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia is having on their business operations.

Director Hyland acknowledged AmCham’s position, highlighting the detrimental effects of the import ban on both citizens and businesses. In addressing the matter of investment attraction prospects, she recommended that Kosovo take proactive measures to enhance its international brand. Director Hyland stressed the important role of normalizing relations between Kosovo and Serbia, emphasizing that this would significantly contribute to creating a favorable environment for economic growth.

Moreover, she underlined the importance of Kosovo’s strategic focus on areas that facilitate the country’s advancement. In this context, Director Hyland encouraged Kosovo to prioritize initiatives that foster collaboration and strengthen its international standing.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo remains committed to fostering a constructive dialogue with key stakeholders to address challenges and promote sustainable economic development in the region.