The Director of TAK presents to the members of the American Chamber the Law on the Administration of Tax Procedures

Prishtina, January 24, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized the Breakfast for Executives, made possible by Interex, with the executive director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Ilir Murtezaj, in order to discuss the new provisions of the Law on the Administration of Tax Procedures.

Arian Zeka, the executive director of the AmCham emphasized the importance of this meeting as an opportunity for strengthening the dialogue between the private sector and key institutions such as TAK to create a favorable environment for doing business. Also, the newly elected president of the Board of the American Chamber, Blin Zeqiri, expressed his confidence in the partnership that the AmCham promotes and its impact on businesses.

The executive director of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, Ilir Murtezaj, showed during the meeting that the institution he leads tries to cultivate the spirit of cooperation with businesses. He explained that for the formalization of the economy, the businesses themselves are a big support, that can contribute to the fight against the informal economy, adding that member businesses of the AmCham being mostly regular businesses. In addition to providing an elaboration on the Law of recently approved for the Administration of Tax Procedures, Murtezaj also said that the purpose of TAK remains to digitize all processes, including the reimbursement process. He said that in order to better inform the private sector about the changes in the law, TAK has prepared an informative tabular summary.

Another important topic was the plan to create the electronic invoice, where Murtezaj indicated that the working group has already been appointed and the results are expected to come soon. after completion of this project, the director of TAK explained that for its functionalization new changes in the laws are also necessary.

AmCham thanked TAK for the cooperation and willingness to be part of this meeting and to help the private sector, hoping for more future collaborations.