The GROW project provides support to businesses for their investments in renewable energy

Prishtina, June 1, 2022 – In order to present information about the GROW project, technical assistance, and how businesses can benefit from the guarantee window, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo has organized an event on Funding Opportunities: Presentation on GROW.

Blerta Begu from GROW Kosovo said that the project aims to accelerate and help Kosovo’s potential in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. Although the potential exists, there are currently not many investments.

Emphasizing that the focus of the project is investments in solar panels and photovoltaic solar panels, Begu presented some of the benefits for businesses, which include: reducing the monthly cost of energy bills, good return on investment, supporting the local economy, increasing the value of the property, advancing the business, the inclusion of VAT in the price of installation of PV systems and increasing the customer base.

The technical expert, Pëllumb Gjinolli, spoke about the technical aspect, saying that when planning solar energy, the factors that need to be taken into consideration are: solar radiation, solar panel angle, type of the solar panel, panel efficiency, and inverter efficiency.

Gjinolli also pointed out that the groups that GROW aims to help are: independent energy groups, off-grid installations, behind-the-meter installations, solar power generators, and investments in energy efficiency.

Whereas, according to Arian Lila from GROW Kosovo, some of the financial benefits are avoiding the impact on business cash flows, flexibility for the credit limit, and the period of return on investment. He also added that, given that sooner or later there will be an open market for electricity and also that in 2026 the EU is expected to introduce a carbon tax, such investments would be highly favorable for businesses.