The members of the Manufacturing Committee discussed the impact that the energy crisis has on manufacturing

Prishtina, December 15, 2021 – At the meeting of the Manufacturing Committee, held yesterday at the American Chamber, the members of the Committee addressed their concern regarding the energy crisis that has already affected the state of Kosovo, as well as the impact it has in their scope as manufacturers.

Bajram Rushiti, from Buka Bakery, started the meeting by mentioning the big losses that could be caused in the future, if no quick steps are taken by the relevant institutions. Rushiti went on to point out that the energy crisis will last indefinitely, and that subsidizing, even if only in part, would be the only way out of the situation they are in now.

Estimating prices and building solar panels, with priority given to the private sector, were additional recommendations given by Mr. Rushiti.

Taulant Krasniqi, mentioned that Kosovo can take an example from the most developed countries in terms of models to deal with the energy crisis.

Further, Agron Jusufi, raised the issue of bureaucracy as an obstacle to foreign investment, citing more precisely the case of a French firm which after a long wait for a response from the Republic of Kosovo, went to northern Macedonia and made the investment. which he wanted to do in Kosovo, in the first place.