The pandemic accelerated the e-commerce development in Kosovo

Prishtina, November 10, 2021- An important discussion took place at the premises of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, while activities are continuing in the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week. We have discussed e-commerce development and entrepreneurship, focusing on the challenges that the e-commerce community faces and the impact of the pandemic on accelerating the use of e-commerce, with young entrepreneurs.

Genta Brestovci from the company EBAA mentioned the impact that the pandemic had on the awareness of customers, as well as businesses that did not operate on the online platform before the pandemic, and that the pandemic has made them think of this part, as well. She cited the difficulty of operating an online business, given that there is no specific law on purchases made through online platforms.

The co-founder of Walone Fashion Group, Benek Osmani said that the official sites of online clothing purchases have not been at the level they are now, but after the pandemic, customers paid more attention to this part, thus emphasizing that the largest number of persons in the textile industry make purchases by being physically at the stores.

Erëmal Bajrami, general manager at KFC Kosova said that the orders through the official website have not been very developed, regarding the food industry. Further, he said the pandemic has accelerated their plans for a new online ordering strategy. According to him, the great organization is needed in terms of logistics and workers. Bajrami said that their goal as food industry is that the customer does not encounter difficulties during the order. “As a company, we have mobilized well by creating call centers, in case the individuals who order do not encounter difficulties in reaching out for food or even other obstacles,” said Barjami.

Kushtrim Dushi, founder of Rave Travel mentioned the difficulty of selling tickets through online platforms due to the pandemic and lack of organization of events in Kosovo. He said that banks should have easier and more practical procedures in resolving the situation gradually. Dushi further added that in terms of digital marketing, the main focus is on social networks as the best promotion is done in that form.