The work process is more important than the result and success itself

Prishtina, November 12, 2021 – Andina Vllahiu, Policy and Communications Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and moderator of the forum stressed the importance of creativity and entrepreneurial skills as very important key factors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Doresa Rexha, actress and manager of GjirafaVideo said that it is important for individuals to use and test themselves, not necessarily in a certain field but wherever they can add value to society. Further, she said that entrepreneurship has taught her that action comes with learning.

Rexha stressed that “regarding youth and the departure of young people to European countries, together we can create something beautiful and make a difference.”

According to her, although Kosovo is a small and challenging country, there are many opportunities for professional development and growth, because it works and creates new opportunities which are achieved with the strength and ambition of each individual.

She encouraged young entrepreneurs to work as she considers it a good step for young people because it is fast-growing, it is challenging and it does not matter where you come from to start a business.