Trade and Customs Committee members suggested important issues for next year’s agenda

Prishtina, December 14, 2021– In this meeting, members of the Committee of Trade and Customs discussed important aspects of this sector in Kosovo.

Members discussed about the difficulties with FVA regarding barriers and lengthy procedures for import issues, adding that if we want to ‘follow’ the European Union, the legislature must be followed as well. Moreover, they mentioned the fact of waiting for weeks for the goods to be imported due to delays in issuing certificates and laboratories.

In addition, it was emphasized the non-acceptance of online certificates by the customs for businesses suggesting such a thing and the challenges of product differentiation as well.

Moreover, members mentioned the issue of reducing informality by discussing with the Ministry of Finance and Customs on the agenda for next year.

The members of trade and customs committee discussed the law on domestic and foreign trade as an important aspect, discussing their continuity and functioning. Furthermore, members mentioned the implementation of fiscal cash registers and the commercial court in terms of timely resolution of cases for businesses.