Trademark registration provides legal protection for businesses

Prishtina, April 14, 2023 – The right of intellectual property and that of authorship as two very important pillars for business activities in local markets and further, were the main topics of the discussion during a forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo in cooperation with the Agency for Industrial Property.


Kujtesa Nezaj-Shehu, Lawyer at SDP Kosova and also the moderator of this forum, during discussion, emphasized the importance of registering trademarks, which facilitate the activity of businesses or individuals who own intellectual property. She also said that it provides legal protection against competition in the market by ensuring that the intellectual property or trademark cannot be used by someone else without proper authorization.


Isa Dukaj, Deputy Director of the Agency for Industrial Property during the discussion said that the trademark as a distinctive sign serves businesses in identifying the goods or services they offer, adding that through the registration of this trademark, they enjoy the exclusive right of use, protection enforced by the court as well as the prevention of counterfeiting and trading of protected products. He also said that companies that have a trademark can apply for protection of the same in other countries of the region, and internationally. In the end, Dukaj advised all businesses that, in addition to creating their unique identity in the market, to register and update their trademarks in the eyes of the law, in order to ensure their continuity, and the full enjoyment of the rights provided by their trademark.


Zjarrta Osmani, Deputy Director of the Copyright Office, said that intellectual property rights have positive effects not only on the progress of individuals’ activities in the entertainment and literary sectors but also on the economy and the rule of law. She pointed out that the relative rights of the author include the economic right that determines compensation, a right that can be transferred, and moral rights. Further, Osmani emphasized the importance of raising the awareness of all creators of intellectual property that the same is protected by law and that trust should be shown to the relevant bodies that determine the implementation of copyright law.