Training Tuesday at AmCham with Benjamin Kolenovic from Growzillas

Prishtina, May 28, 2024 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo hosted the latest session of Training Tuesday on the topic “Principles of Digital Marketing,” featuring Benjamin Kolenovic from Growzillas. The session attracted Public Relations managers, heads of communications, communication officers, and spokespersons from various industries, including banking, telecommunications, and energy.

Benjamin Kolenovic delivered a comprehensive overview of digital marketing principles, highlighting the benefits over traditional marketing. He emphasized the high costs and challenges of measuring ROI, receiving feedback, and achieving high conversion rates in traditional marketing. In contrast, digital marketing offers advantages such as extensive online reach, detailed targeting options, lower advertising costs, and access to valuable data. Benjamin’s insights provided attendees with a clear understanding of how to leverage digital marketing effectively.

The Training Tuesday was a resounding success, equipping attendees with valuable knowledge and strategies to enhance their digital marketing efforts. The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo is committed to continuing these educational events, empowering professionals with cutting-edge knowledge and skills. We look forward to welcoming you to our future Training Tuesday sessions.